Supervisory Circuits Nanopower high-input voltage supervisor with manual reset and programmable-reset time delay 5-SOT-23 -40 to 125

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TPS3840/TPS3840-Q1 Nanopower Voltage Supervisors

Texas Instruments TPS3840/TPS3840-Q1 Nanopower High-Input Voltage Supervisors come with a wide Vin which allows monitoring of 9V rails or batteries without external components and 24V rails with external resistors. Nano-Iq extends the battery life for low-power applications and minimises current consumption when using external resistors. The fast start-up delay allows the detection of a voltage fault before the rest of the system powers up, providing maximum safety in hazardous start-up fault conditions. Low power-on-reset (VPOR) prevents false resets, premature enabling or turn-on of the next device, and proper transistor control during power-up and power-down.