Supervisory Circuits Low-power voltage supervisor (reset IC) with active-low open-drain output 3-SOT-23 -40 to 125

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TLV80xE/TLV81xE Low Power Voltage Supervisors

Texas Instruments TLV80xE/TLV81xE Low Power Voltage Supervisors are enhanced alternatives to the TLV803, TLV853, TLV809, LM809, TPS3809, and TLV810. These devices offer lower supply current for battery-powered applications, higher accuracy, wider temperature range, and lower power-on-reset (VPOR) for increased system reliability. The Texas Instruments TLV80xE/TLV81xE are low IQ (250nA typical, 1µA max) voltage supervisory circuits (reset ICs) that monitor VDD voltage level. These devices initiate a reset signal whenever supply voltage VDD drops below the factory programmed falling threshold voltage, VIT–. The reset output remains low for a fixed reset time delay tD after the VDD voltage rises above the rising voltage threshold (VIT+), which is equivalent to the falling threshold voltage (VIT-) plus hysteresis (VHYS).