Supervisory Circuits 300nA, Single Channel Supervisory in WLP and SOT packages

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Description of product

Single-Channel Supervisory ICs

Maxim Single-Channel Supervisory ICs are ultra-low-current, supervisory ICs that monitors the VCC voltage from 1.7V to 4.85V in approximately 50mV increments. The device asserts a reset when VCC voltage falls below the reset threshold. The reset output remains asserted for the reset timeout period after the VCC voltage rises above the factory-set VCC_TH + VHYS. The Single-Channel Supervisory IC includes a factory-programmable manual reset input (MR) that can be configured to assert a reset when it receives a rising-edge, falling-edge, active-low, or active-high input signal. The MAX16140/MAX16144/MAX16156/MAX16157 feature an open-drain reset output, while the MAX16142/MAX16146/MAX16158/MAX16159 feature a push-pull reset output.