Supervisory Circuits 125nA Supervisory Circuits with Capacitor-Adjustable Reset and Watchdog Timeouts

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Description of product

MAX16056–MAX16059 Nanopower Supervisory Circuits

Maxim Integrated MAX16056–MAX16059 Nanopower Supervisory Circuits are ultra-low-current microprocessor supervisory circuits that monitor a single system supply voltage. These devices assert an active-low reset signal whenever the VCC supply voltage drops below the factory trimmed reset threshold, manual reset is pulled low, or the watchdog timer runs out (MAX16056/MAX16058). The reset output remains asserted for an adjustable reset timeout period after VCC rises above the reset threshold. Factory-trimmed reset threshold voltages are offered from 1.575V to 4.625V in approximately 100mV increments. These devices feature adjustable reset and watchdog timeout using external capacitors. The MAX16056/MAX16058 contain a watchdog timer with a watchdog select input (WDS) that multiplies the watchdog timeout period by 128. The MAX16057/MAX16059 do not have the watchdog feature. The MAX16056–MAX16059 are available in either push-pull or open-drain output-type configurations.