STM32-QFP176, Programmer Adapter

STM32-QFP176, Programmer Adapter

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Description of product


Yamaichi IC Test & Burn-in Socket with a simple board, specifically designed for STM32 microcontroller in QFP176(0.5mm pitch) package


  • 20-pin JTAG/SWD port and/or 4-pin USART1 interface for programming/testing
  • External crystal can be connected via on board socket for system clock
  • Onboard 32.768K crystal oscillator
  • Two LED indicators for testing, which are connected to the I/O pins via jumpers
  • All the MCU pins are accessible on expansion connectors
    • pin header pitch: 2.54mm(100mil)

Supported Devices

STM32 microcontroller in QFP176(0.5mm pitch) package with compatible pinouts:

  • STM32F2xxI series (STM32F207IG, STM32F217IG, etc.)
  • STM32F4xxI series (STM32F407IG, STM32F417IG, etc.)