Fixed Inductors Ind,11x10x3.8mm,4.7uH20%,13A,Shd,SMD

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Description of product

SRP1040VA AEC-Q200 Shielded Power Inductors

Bourns SRP1040VA AEC-Q200 Shielded Power Inductors offer a 1µH to 68µH inductance range, 3.5A to 29A saturation current, and -55°C to +180°C operating temperature range. These inductors are built with a new metal alloy powder formulation and round enamel coated copper wire, allowing for an extremely high operating temperature that makes them AEC-Q200 compliant. Bourns SRP1040VA Inductors are well suited for DC/DC converters and power supplies where higher inductor reliability at elevated operating temperatures may be required.