Fixed Inductors 3.3uH 20% 58.63ohm AEC-Q200

Sku: TT-MU-810-SPM4030T-3R3M-HZ

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Description of product

SPM-HZ Series Automotive Power Inductors

SPM-HZ Series Automotive Power Inductors are wire wound with a metal core. These inductors are magnetically shielded and the structure has an integrated molded coil, so hum noise is lower than with ferrite core adhesive coils. Compared with ferrite wound inductors, SPM-HZ series inductors feature large current, low RDC, and are small in size. SPM-HZ inductors also feature low inductance variance in high-temperature environments with good DC superimposition characteristics. These TDK inductors are ideal for use in automotive power circuit applications such as car navigation and audio, electronic power steering, and headlights, among others.