SpeakUp 2 click
SpeakUp 2 click

Description of product

SpeakUp 2 is a speech recognition click board with a simplified design compared ot the original. Set it up to recognize up to 100 commands and have the onboard MCU carry them out instantly.

SpeakUp learns from scratch, so you can make it understand your commands spoken in any language, dialect or slang.

Using a simple interface on your computer, you record a word (up to 1 second) and assign it an instruction. Repeat for as many commands as you need. When you put it to work, it listens to what you're saying, matches the sound to one of the pre-recorded commands, and triggers the specified action which the on-board MCU executes.

What gives the SpeakUp its speech recognition capabilities is the firmware we developed for the on-board MCU. It's based on the DTW algorithm, which makes it decisive, it turns your talk into action almost instantly.



TypeSpeech recognition
ApplicationsWhen you do something with both hands and voice command is the only option
On-board modulesFTDI FT900, Microphone, Signal LEDs, Push buttons
Key FeaturesButtons for recording or deleting voice commands
Key BenefitsCreate voice commanded remotes for TVs or media centers, Reduce complexity and cost of control interfaces
Input Voltage3.3V
Click board sizeL (57.15 x 25.4 mm)