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Description of product


The SPC58EC-DISP board is a help to discover the SPC58EC80E microcontroller with full access to CPUs, GPI/O's and peripherals such as ISO CAN FD, Ethernet, FlexRay, LIN, UART at budget price.

The SPC58EC-DISP board is designed to address body, networking with Safety ASIL-B applications, and Security HSM (Hardware Secure Module) EVITA Medium to secure on board communication systems in connected vehicles.
The discovery board includes a debugger-programmer from PLS, a JTAG connector and extension headers (4x37 pins) to connect prototyping boards or additional modules.

Key features

  • SPC58EC80E5 is a 32-bit Power Architecture®e200z4d dual core, 4224 kB flash + 128 kB data flash) in eTQFP144.
  • Integrated programmer - debugger.
  • JTAG interface (Standard 7x2 male 100mil).
  • 2 ISO CAN FD port (DB9 connector).
  • 1 Ethernet port.
  • 1 FlexRay, 1 LIN (with transceiver).
  • 1 USB virtual COM Port.
  • Connectors Arduino UNO R3-compatible.
  • 3 Push buttons, 3 LEDs for user purpose.
  • 2 potentiometers for ADC quick evaluation.
  • Reset push button.
  • All GPIOs and signals accessible by a 4x37 0.1" pin grid array allowing connection of the additional boards.
  • 12MHz crystal.
  • Board Supply: 12 VDC (external power supply).
  • Board size 150 x 101 mm.