SparkFun Qwiic Pro Kit

SparkFun Qwiic Pro Kit

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Description of product


SparkFun Qwiic Pro Kit allows getting started with Arduino without the need for soldering or breadboarding. This pro kit comes with RedBoard Turbo, two sensors, two accessory boards, and all the cables needed to start utilizing Qwiic and I2C. The RedBoard Turbo employs the ATSAMD21G18 Arm Cortex-M0+ 32-bit MCU that runs up to 48MHz. The Qwiic joystick helps to control things like graphics or motors. The Qwiic proximity sensor detects objects and motions up to 20cms away.

The Qwiic accelerometer is a classic solid-state triple-axis accelerometer that is capable of measuring movement, tilt, and orientation. The Qwiic OLED is a 64 x 48 pixel white and black display that is easy to program for text and simple graphics.


  • Comes with everything required to get started with Arduino without soldering or breadboarding
  • Easy hooking up a handful of inputs and outputs to a RedBoard

Kit Includes

  • 1 x RedBoard Turbo
  • 1 x 0.8m reversible USB A to reversible Micro-B cable
  • 1 x Qwiic joystick
  • 1 x Qwiic accelerometer sensor
  • 1 x Qwiic proximity sensor
  • 1 x Qwiic OLED display 
  • 2 x 50mm Qwiic cable
  • 2 x 100mm Qwiic cable
  • 1 x 200mm Qwiic cable
  • 1 x 500mm Qwiic cable