Sonoff G1: GPRS/GSM Remote Power Smart Switch
Sonoff G1: GPRS/GSM Remote Power Smart Switch

Description of product


Sonoff G1 is a GSM smart power switch that allows users to remotely turn on/off any connected appliances by Android and iOS app eWeLink via GPRS network.

Different from other Sonoff products that have to connect to WiFi or LAN, G1 supports to be inserted with a SIM card (GSM/GPRS:800/900/1800/1900MHz) and use the 2G GPRS network to control connected appliances. The 3G and 4G card can also work on 2G network. Please make sure your area has covered with stable 2G network signal. Users can apply the wireless switch to modern agriculture like greenhouse light control, watering machine, oxygen pump. They can also apply the smart switch to pet feeding control, server room control, roller shutter, etc. 

Note: Some countries have stopped providing with 2G networks, like America, Australia. And some SIM cards don't allow 2G network. Please confirm before you order this product.

Here's a list of SIM cards DON'T support Sonoff G1. If you find out more, please kindly tell us.

NOCountryWireless Carrier
2ItalyTIM, Wind, Postemobile, Tiscali
3IndiaAirtel Sim(4G Sim)
5DenmarkLebara, TDC, Telenor 
6SpainSimyo, Eroski, Jazztel, Pepephone, Orangeworld
7ArgentinaTelecom, Claro
8GreeceVodafone, Cosmote
9CzechT-Mobile, Vodafone

Sonoff IP66 is a high quality waterproof case that can be used with Sonoff G1 PCBA in the underwater environment. The waterproof level of the waterproof box is IP66. It allows you to remote control your lights or home appliances outdoor. Just get it to control your Christmas tree lightings! Read the detailed installation guide.