Soldron Soldering Iron 75 Watts

Soldron Soldering Iron 75 Watts

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Description of product


This is a high quality Soldering Iron also known as Soldering Gun from Soldron. The soldron 75 watt Soldering Iron can attain maximum Temperature of 480°C and is ideal for the electrical and automotive industries. 75 watt soldering Iron comes with comfortable rubber coated handle and is one of the heaviest of duty irons and is intended for going where no smaller iron will do.

NOTE: Soldron Soldering Irons work best with Soldron spares and accessories. Buy various Soldering Accessories from DNA.

Applications of 75 watt Soldering Iron

  • Tinning up to 10 sq mm (approx) wire lugs
  • Soldering up to 10 sq mm (approx) lugs
  • Soldering copper sheets up to 1mm thick (approx)
  • Large component soldering such as
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) - TRIACs , Diodes
  • Various large terminal soldering
  • Heavy electrical work
  • Motor winding

Specification for Soldron 75 watt Soldering Iron

  • Manufacturer: Soldron
  • Voltage : 230 Volts
  • Watts : 75 Watt

Package Includes

1 x High Quality Soldron 75 watts 230 volts Soldering Iron