Soldering & Desoldering Stations WE1 STATION 120V KIT

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Description of product


Apex Tool Group/Weller WE Digital Soldering Station is 40% more powerful than the WES/WESD station. The iron heats up faster and provides a faster recovery time, getting the job done quicker with more efficiency and precision. The affordable station offers intuitive navigation and is password protected to preserve settings. Standby mode and auto setback conserve energy while protecting the equipment. The safety rest is reinforced providing secure iron storage.


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 150mm x 125mm x 100mm (5.91in. x 4.92in. x 3.94in.)
  • Power Supply: 120V/60Hz
  • Power: 70W
  • Temperature Range: 200°F to 850°F (100°C to 450°C)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±17°F (±9°C)
  • Temperature Stability: ±4°F (±2°C)
  • ESD Safe