Description of product


There are many battery chargers and solar energy harvesters out there already, but the Solar energy clickhas the unique feature - it encompasses both of these devices in a single package. The click uses Texas Instruments BQ25570 - a nano-power high-efficiency boost charger and buck converter device, designed to work with very low power energy harvesting elements, such as the photovoltaic and thermoelectric generators.

The Solar energy click recharges the connected LiPo battery or the onboard 220mF supercapacitor, using the photovoltaic element.This is done by utilizing the BQ25570's charging and power harvesting capabilities and clever nano-power management features. This click can also power up low power consumption devices by using the stored energy, providing a way for continuous power operation of low power devices.

These features make the Solar energy click an ideal solution for powering wireless sensor networks, environment monitoring devices, portable and wearable health monitoring devices and similar low power self-sustained devices.