SmartElex L298N Motor Driver with onboard Arduino Uno + USB Cable

Description of product


We understand our maker’s needs and consequently adding the most improved and powerful motor drivers with the latest features to provide a great utility that makes it useful for a wide variety of mechatronics. Here is all the new SmartElex L298N Motor Driver with Onboard Arduino Uno specifically designed for mobile robots.  It can be used in a wide range of applications such as in racing robots Combat robot, Line sensor robot and many more.

SmartElex L298N Motor Driver with Arduino Uno.

ARDUINO UNO + L298N MOTOR DRIVER which has the same microcontroller on official Arduino UNO where you can select Arduino/Genuino UNO in Arduino IDE to develop the program. With onboard 5V 3A buck converter power supply and a wide range of motor operating Voltage, the driver performs very dynamically in small brushed motor applications as well as 1.2A continuous current motors per channel which can be raised up to Total 4A.

SmartElex L298N Motor Driver with Arduino Uno has 3 pin connector (Sig V G) at all digital pin of Arduino. You can connector here to use servo motor or any sensor which 5v signal. Additionally, it has an On-board connector for the SmartElex RLS-06 Line sensor. The board comes with 8 pin JST Female to Female Interfacing Cable to connect line sensor module to SmartElex L298N Motor Driver


  1. Power Status LED.
  2. 16MHz crystal.
  3. 5 mm standard DC plug-in jack for Input supply
  4. On-Board Arduino UNO with USB Port
  5. On-Board DC motor Driver L298N.
  6. On-board 5V 3A SMPS circuit.
  7. On-Board power supply on-off switch
  8. Port extensions for all ports with detailed pin labeling for easy identification of pins

Package Includes:

1 x SmartElex L298N Motor Driver with Arduino Uno.

1 x 8 pin JST Female to Female Interfacing Cable

1 x  50-CM Micro USB Cable