SM S3317SR Small Continuous Rotation Plastic gear Servo

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Description of product


This is a small-sized servo that has been built by SpringRC specifically for continuous rotation (up to 80 RPM at 4.8 V), and it produces a fair amount of torque (2.1 kg-cm at 4.8 V). It features two ball bearings on the output shaft for reduced friction, and it offers easy access to the rest-point adjustment potentiometer. Essentially, it is a gear motor that can be controlled by an RC servo controller. It is not normally used as an actuator, as there is no way of commanding it to move to a particular position, as a standard RC servo does.


  • Motor Type: Continuous rotation
  • Rated Torque: 2.1 kg·cm
  • Maximum Speed at Rated Voltage: 80 RPM
  • Gear Train Material: Metal
  • Bearing Type: Double Ball Bearing
  • Rated Voltage: 4.8 V DC