SM S3317S Small Plastic Gear 120 degree Servo
SM S3317S Small Plastic Gear 120 degree Servo

Description of product


Here, for all your mechatronic needs, is a simple, high quality servo motor. A standard 3-pin power and control cable is attached and all hardware shown in image is included.


  • Standard Test Environment
Parameter Specification                       
Temperature range 25°C ±5°C
Humidity range 65%±10%
  • Mechanical Specification
Parameter                              Specification
Dimensions 31.3*16.5*28.6(mm)
Weight 19g ±5%
Gear type MG*1  PG*4
Gear backlash <1.5°
Limit angle ≥120°
Bearing 2 ball bearings
Output shaft φ4.9*25T
Horn type complete series include 3 kinds of horns
Horn Material POM plastic
Case Material PA66+GF
Connector wire 200±5 mm(φ0.08*30) J style interface
Motor Metal Brush-motor
Splash water resistance not available
  • Electrical Specification
Operating Voltage range 4.8V 6V
Statical current (at stopped) 7.0mA±20% 7.0mA±20%
No load speed 0.15±0.02(sec/60°) 0.12±0.02(sec/60°)
Running current (at no load) 240mA±20% 280mA±20%
stalling torque 2.1±20(kg-cm) 2.5±20(kg-cm)
Stall current 0.8A±20% 1.0A±20%
  • Application Environmental Condition
Parameter Specification                                                     
Storage temperature range -30°C~80°C
Operating temperature range -20°C~65°C