Single Board Computers LP3500

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The LP3500 series features built-in analog and digital I/O which also includes 1 high current relay output capable of driving up to 1A. The board consumes less than 20 mA when fully operational and less than 100 uA when powered down. When powered by an external battery or power supply, the LP3500 series can be awakened from power save mode by an internal timer, an RS-232 signal or via polling on an external input. The LP3500 can be switched from power save mode to full operation via software control. In addition to the low-power features, the board can also function as a data logger since the battery backup feature provides worry free data storage. Its six serial ports enable the LP3500 series to easily connect multiple devices such as Digi’s XStream® 2.4 GHz RF modem, which can send and receive data up to 20 miles. Dynamic C®, an easy-to-use C environment, includes a host of sample programs and libraries that help to lower development costs and reduce time to market from months to weeks.