Servo Controller - 18 channel ( USB / UART/ XBEE )
Servo Controller - 18 channel ( USB / UART/ XBEE )

Description of product


The Servo Controller-18 channel from rhydoLABZ is a very compact solution for controlling upto eighteen servomotors via USB, UART or XBEE. The host microcontroller ATMEGA328P running at 16MHz clock controls the servos based on serial commands received. This servocontroller can be interfaced with wireless applications using zigbee, Bluebee as well as wired serial communication using micro USB and hardware serial pins. Onboard MOSFET based level converters enable you to receive signals from any devices having different logic voltages like 2.8V,3V3 or 5V.

Servo Controller - 18 channel is ideal for making Autonomous and PC based systems which run over Servo motors. Labelled multi-colour berg strip connectors enables you to plugin the servos with ease. The 18 connectors are laid out as 2 different sections with one section having 10 strips [D2-D11] and the other having 8 strips [D12, D13, A0-A5].This module helps to develop the complex sequences in real time on the hardware like robotic arms, walkers, bipeds and other servo controlled systems.

Highlighted feature of The Servo Controller - 18 channel is its compact size with out compromising its features. There are 2 built in ADC Port which can be used for measuring any analog voltage ( ie. Sensor values), which will help you to implement any kind of motion based Closed Loop systems. These pins are powered from the analog supply and serve as 10-bit ADC channels. In the servo controller, they are taken out (along with 5V & GND pins) on separate 3-pin connectors. With appropriate command from host controller the module will do ADC conversion for the selected channel and send out the result via UART. This feature is extremely useful for microcontroller without onchip ADC. For eaxample, to detect the battery low conditions on robotics etc. .

The board can be powered via on-board micro USB connector. There is provision for powering up the module via a screw terminal connector and Berg strip connector. This is the servo VCC for powering 18 Servos, so keep in mind that supply must be taken from atleast 3A (Depending on the number of servos connected) external DC power supply and it shouldn't exceed recommended operating voltage range of servo motor. There are two dedicated inbuilt voltage regulator for 5V and 3.3V.

Specification of Servo Controller-18 channel:

  • Control upto 18 servos with serial commands.
  • USB intereface option.
  • UART Interface.
  • XBEE Sockets to insert XBEE/Bluebee Modules.
  • The servo controller is built with ATMega 328P running at 16MHz clock .
  • The board can be powered via on-board micro USB connector, 2 pin berg strip connector or screw terminal.
  • Labelled multi-colour berg strip connectors.
  • On-board 3.3V regulator and MOSFET level converter for XBEE/Bluebee.
  • 6-pin ISPConnector to bootload the MCU.
  • Servo Motors powered via RMC / Screw Terminal/Berg strip connector.
  • 2 10Bit Analog Inputs.