Sensirion SFM3xxx Series Medical Digital Flow Meters

Description of product


Sensirion SFM3xxx Series Medical Digital Flow Meters are designed to measure the flow rate of air, oxygen, and other non-aggressive gases with excellent accuracy. These flow meters offer a very low-pressure drop with a very small dead space. The SFM3xxx digital flow meters provide ultrafast update time with high sensitivity. These flow meters offer a  bidirectional flow range of -100 Standard Litre Per Minute (slm) to ±250slm.

These medical flow meters feature medical cones for pneumatic connection to standard breathing circuits and a mechanical interface for easy and reliable electrical reconnection. The SFM3xxx digital flow meters are based on CMOSens® technology which is integrated with the sensor element and digital signal processor on CMOS chip. These digital flow meters are specifically designed for medical applications such as respiratory, ventilation, anesthesia, and metabolic instruments.


  • The SFM3xxx flow sensor series represents the next generation hot-wire anemometers by providing:
    • Fully calibrated, linearized and temperature-compensated readings:
      • No post-processing of data required, fast and easy integration
    • Drift free and zero offset:
      • No recalibration required, reliably distinguish inhalation and exhalation
    • High sensitivity and high accuracy:
      • Accurate flow rate and volume calculations
    • Ultrafast update time (0.5 ms for all digital sensors):
      • Reduced delay system control loop
    • Very small dead space:
      • Optimized for neonatal/paediatric applications


  • Ventilation (critical care, transport, home care)
  • Anaesthesia (gas flow and gas mixing)
  • Respiratory devices (inspiratory, expiratory, proximal)
  • Disposable and reusable
  • Metabolic measurements