SeeedStudio Grove – Thermal Imaging Camera – MLX90641 16×12 IR Array with 110  FOV

Description of product


This IR thermal camera carries a 16×12 array of thermal sensors (MLX90641) and it can detect the temperature of objects from far away with a center area accuracy of ±1℃ and average accuracy of ±1.5℃. In order to obtain the thermal images easily, the I2C protocol is used to get the low-resolution images from the camera. The FOV (Field of View) of this camera is 110°x75°, and the temperature measurement range is -40℃ to 300℃.

This module can be connected to an MCU using the I2C interface. However, it needs an MCU that has over 20000 bytes of RAM to drive the camera. As a matter of fact, Dev boards like Arduino UNO cannot be used with this Sensor camera due to its lower ability of calculation. We recommend you choose Arch Mix as an MCU to control the camera because it really has an excellent performance to process the complex data from the IR sensor camera.


  1. Compact size 16×12 pixel IR thermal sensor array (MLX90641)
  2. High FOV (field-of-view) of 110°x75° to capture more area
  3. Wide temperature measurement range (-40℃~300℃)
  4. I2C Grove interface for easy communication with an MCU
  5. Fully calibrated IR array for convenient setup


  1. High precision non-contact temperature measurements
  2. Microwave ovens
  3. Intrusion / Movement detection systems
  4. The temperature sensing element for residential, commercial and industrial building air conditioning
  5. Industrial temperature control of moving parts
  6. Visual IR thermometers