Schottky Diodes & Rectifiers 1200V, 10A, silicon carbide power Schottky Diode

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STPSC 1200V Schottky Silicon-Carbide Diode

STMicroelectronics STPSC 1200V Schottky Silicon-Carbide Diode is a high-performance rectifier that is specifically designed to be used in photovoltaic inverters. The STPSC helps increase the inverter yield by up to 2% thanks to its ability to work at high frequency with low switching losses and ultrafast switching whatever the temperature. The losses generated by SiC diodes are 70% lower compared to bipolar diodes. Their robust periphery improves the whole converter performance against AC line surge voltage. The central lead of the DPAK package is removed to meet the IEC60664 and UL 840 standards requirements for a higher voltage. These characteristics make it the best-in-class 1200V diode.