Heat Sink BK-T220-0061 [TO220] (flower type) - Pack of 2

Description of product

Heat Sink BK-T220-0061 (TO-220) - (Pack of 2 pieces)

Black Anodized Heatsink to dissipate heat from any TO-220 package ICs (like 7805, Mosfets, etc). Generally used to keep voltage regulators and motor drivers cool, efficient and increases reliability of the components.

TO220 Bolt-On heatsink, aluminium material, black anodized finish, 17°C/W thermal resistance, 17.78mm long, 26mm wide, black anodised Pre-Drilled heatsink to accept a wide variety of TO220 packaged semiconductors, i.e., voltage regulators and power transistors, may be mounted horizontally or vertically.


  • Size : 18 x 26 mm
  • Color: Black

*Image shown is a representation only.