RS485 CAN Cape BeagleBone Black

Description of product


RS485 CAN Cape for BeagleBone Black adds up RS485 and CAN communication capability to your BeagleBone Black. The cape has SN65HVD230 CAN transceiver and MAX485 RS485 transceiver. Screw terminals are provided on board for connecting the communication lines.

RS485 CAN Cape Features:

  • Compatible with BeagleBone Balck
  • CAN pinheader and screw terminal
  • RS485 pinheader and screw terminal
  • DEBUG interface : for debugging BB Black OR other connected modules
  • Power expansion pinheader : for connecting external power supply
  • BB Black BOOT selection button
  • SN65HVD230 CAN transceiver
  • MAX485 RS485 transceiver
  • Power indicator
  • BB Black UART TXD selection jumper
  • BB Black UART RXD selection jumper
  • RS485 transceiver enable jumper