Description of product


RGB panels are excellent fun but wiring them up can be a pain. This simple shield for Arduino connects the necessary 14 digital pins to drive our 32x32 RGB panel and our larger 32x64 RGB panel. This comes as a bag of parts but once you’ve soldered the handful of components it’s as easy as plugging on the 2x8 connector from the RGB panel to the shield and you’re off to the races. We tried to add extra connections to all the main GPIOs as well as a bit of prototyping space so you could use this shield as a prototyping shield as well.

This shield was designed to leverage the power and memory space of the Mega. It is guaranteed to work with our 32x32 RGB panel and our 32x64 RGB panel but has been designed to work with nearly all 32x32 and 32x64 pixel panels available on the market.

Note: This shield routes the CLK signal to pin 11. This makes the shield compatible with both Uno and Mega but you will need to change the define at the top of your sketch to: