Replacement Arm for Martian-II Reptile 220mm Quadcopter Frame

Replacement Arm for Martian-II Reptile 220mm Quadcopter Frame

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Description of product


Most of the Drone landings are not perfect at all!!!! If you haven’t flown any drone yet then we believe the same is true for your flying too. But except this facts, every drone suffers from unexpected crashes throughout his life whether the Drone Flyer Person is a newbie enthusiast or an experienced professional.

It’s usual that when a drone crashes, the impact mainly affects the Arms of the drone. Because of this concern only it is ideal that a drone should have detachable arms to provide a wide lifecycle to the Multirotors.

This Replacement Arm is made from good quality carbon fiber, especially for Martain-II 220mm Quadcopter Frame. This is a lightweight arm is exactly the same as the original Martian-II 220mm Quadcopter Frame Arm.

The Replacement Arm for Martian-II Reptile 220mm Quadcopter Frame has the thickness of 4mm. They are very easy to assemble.

Now do not worry about your crashed drone, equip this Replacement Arm for  Martian-II 220mm Quadcopter Frame quickly and get it in the air as soon as possible.

We have the variety of replacement arms for the Multirotor with sizes ranging from mini-copter 100mm to heavy-duty 550mm. To check them click below,

Replacement Arms

Features :

  1. Made up of Good-Quality Carbon Fiber.
  2. Light-weight design.
  3. It is strong and durable.
  4. Perfect fit for Martian-II 220mm Frame.

Package includes :

1 x Replacement Arm for Martian-II 220mm Quadcopter