Description of product


Remote Temp Click is a temperature sensing Click board™, which features the EMC1833 from Microchip, a specifically designed IC, capable of measuring remote temperature. This option makes Remote Temp click well-suited for monitoring the temperature of a CPU, GPU or FPGA, where the BJT model junction can be a substrate PNP or NPN. Remote Temp click can be configured to measure a CPU substrate transistor, a discrete 2N3904 thermal diode, or CPU/GPU processor diode. The diodes can be connected as indicated in the figure below. The EMC1833 can also report an ALERT signal if programmed temperature thresholds are exceeded.

Remote Temp click is supported by a mikroSDK compliant library, which includes functions that simplify software development. This Click board™ comes as a fully tested product, ready to be used on a system equipped with the mikroBUS™ socket.