RedBear BLE Nano V2

RedBear BLE Nano V2

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At the heart of all the new products is our new BLE Module model# MB-N2. It houses the Nordic nRF52832, an on-board antenna and other components special tuning for great performance and low power consumption.

The module provides all GPIO pins and supports all advance features offer by Nordic nRF52832.

With your support, we will get our module certified for CE, FCC and Bluetooth. If you use this module for your own products, not only you have the assurance, you will also save some cost on your own product certifications.


We launched our first BLE Nano in 2014 and it is our most popular product. We design Nano 2 as a ‘drop-in’ replacement, with exactly the same form factor, and in most instances no need to change firmware code. In addition, the new development board also offers a U.FL connector for an external NFC antenna, while users will benefit from the extra processing power and hardware resources of the nRF52832 SoC.




Technical details

Dimensions0mm x0mm x0mm
WeightG.W 6g