Rectifiers 30A 1200V

Rectifiers 30A 1200V

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X Series 1200V Gen 5 Hyperfast Rectifiers

Vishay X Series 1200V Gen 5 Hyperfast Rectifiers are 8A to 60A FRED Pt® rectifiers with the best conduction and switching loss trade-off for devices in their classes. These rectifiers are designed to increase the efficiency of high-frequency converters, and hard- and soft-switched or resonant designs. They feature low conduction and switching losses and are ideal for high-frequency converters. The rectifiers are specifically designed to improve the efficiency of PFC and output rectification stages of EV / HEV battery charging stations. This includes the booster stage of solar inverters and UPS applications. The devices are perfectly matched to operate with MOSFETs or high-speed IGBTs.