Rectifiers 1A 1000V Standard Re covery Rectifier

Rectifiers 1A 1000V Standard Re covery Rectifier

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1N4007G Glass Passivated Rectifiers

Taiwan Semiconductor 1N4007G Glass Passivated Rectifiers incorporate glass passivated chip junction and deliver high-efficiency. These rectifiers are capable of offering high-current capabilities and high surge current capabilities. The 1N4007G rectifiers feature 1000V repetitive peak reverse voltage (VRRM), 700V RMS voltage (VRMS), 1000V DC blocking voltage (VDC), and 1A average forward rectified current. These glass passivated rectifiers provide high-reliability through low Vand low power losses. Additionally, the 1N4007G rectifiers are available in Halogen-free and RoHS compliant DO-204AL (DO-41) package.