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Raspberry Pi 3 Official Casing

Description of product


If your Pi is in need of a safe place to chill out and look fantastic at the same time, then look no further than the official case/enclosure by the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This case is purpose built for the Pi 3 so the onboard LEDs can be easily seen through the case. Besides that nifty feature there are some other niceties:

  • Designed and manufactured by the official Raspberry Pi Foundation. Support the team behind Pi!
  • The case is modular, 5 pieces all up. This allows for the "top" to be removed, or the "sides"
  • Removable GPIO side is provided for easy access to the 40-Pin GPIO port
  • Allows easy access to camera, display ports and attached Raspberry HAT device
  • 4 rubber feet with sticky bits to attach to the bottom of the case (included, although not attached to the case by default)
  • Dimensions: 96 x 70 x 25mm