Qwiic Multi Distance Sensor - VL53L3CX

Qwiic Multi Distance Sensor - VL53L3CX

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Description of product

The VL53L3CX is an awesome ToF (Time of Flight) range finder from STMicroelectronics, who brought us the venerable VL53L1X. It shares the same diminutive form factor as its predecessor but has learned a cool new trick: Multi-object detection! With some very fancy algorithms, the VL53L3CX is able to detect different objects within the field of view with depth understanding, something that isn't very common in laser range finders. The VL53L3CX has a field of view of about 25° and is able to detect objects up to 3 meters away, making it ideal for robotics, IoT, and smart lighting applications.

Our Qwiic Multi Distance Sensor breakout provides a simple, solder-free way to prototype using this tiny sensor. If you want to solder, however, we have also provided 0.1" headers for the power, I²C, interrupt, and shutdown pins.


  • Up to 300 cm+ detection with full field of view
  • Immune to cover glass cross-talk and fingerprint smudge at long distance
  • Short distance, high accuracy linearity
  • Multi target detection and distance measurement
  • Typical full FoV: 25°
  • I²C interface (up to 1 MHz)