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Getting started with Arduino is easy and anyone can learn electronics and programming with this board. However, it can be a little intimidating, specially at the beginning, that you really don’t know what an Arduino is capable to do. When it comes to Arduino, the easiest way to learn is by making projects! So, we recommend that you check our Arduino course from the download page.

This kit from Quad Store is just awesome. It comes with a LOT of cool stuff. More than 200 components, in which 36 are different. Besides basic components like resistors, LEDs and pushbuttons, it comes with a nice set of modules, sensors, LED matrix, motion sensor, ultrasonic sensor and much more.

There is also a manual included. The manual comes with instructions for example projects to help you get started. The manual includes the code and pictures of assembled circuits, so that you don’t get lost. All the code was tested, so that you don’t get compilation errors when uploading code to your Arduino board.

Everything comes in a nice plastic case to keep everything organized. The microcontroller is an Arduino Compatible from Quad Store called quaduino, but works exactly the same as the official Arduino. This is a good kit not just for beginners but also for experienced makers.

Quad Store – Super Starter Arduino Kit Contains:

(1). QuaduinoUNO R3 boardx1 (High quality Arduino compatible board)
(2). USB cable x1
(3). Prototype extension board x1
(4). Mini breadboard x1
(5). 5V stepper motor x1
(6). 2003 stepper motor driver board x1
(7). Red LED x5
(8). Green LED x5
(9). Blue LED x5
(10). Vibration Sensor x2
(11). Flame sensor x1
(12). LM35 temperature sensor x1
(13). Infrared receiver x1
(14). Photoresistor x3
(15). Key cap x 4
(16). Key switch x4
(17). Adjustable potentiometer x1
(18). Passive buzzer (piezo buzzer) x1
(19). Active buzzer (tone generator) x1
(20). Jumper wires(Different Sizes) x1
(21). Large breadboard x1
(22). Remote Control x 1
(23). 1602 Screen x1
(24). Breadboard module x1
(25). HC-SR04 module x1
(26). Component box x1
(27). DuPont Wires (Female – Female ) x10
(28). Breadboard line(approximately) x30
(29). 8*8 dot matrix x1
(30). One digit eight segment tube x 1
(31). Four digit eight segment tube x1
(32). IC 74HC595 x1
(33). Battery Holder x1
(34). Resistance 5 x 220ohm
(35). Resistance 5 x 330ohm
(36). Ohm resistance 1K x5
(37). Ohm resistance 10K x5
(38). 40pin pin header 2.54mm x1
(39). Packing x1