Quad Store(TM) Project Basic Starter Kit With Uno R3 For Arduino Beginners

Description of product


Quad Store – Project Starter Kit with Uno R3 for Arduino

(1). QuaduinoUNO R3 boardx1 (High quality Arduino-Compatible board)
(2). USB cable x1
(3). 400 Point Breadboard x1
(4). Red Led x5
(5). Green Led x5
(6). Temperature Sensor x1
(7). Adjustable potentiometer x1
(8). Passive buzzer (piezo buzzer) x1
(9). 1602 Screen x1
(10). 40pin pin header 2.54mm x1
(11). Shift Register x1
(12). Photoresistor x1
(13). RGB Led x1
(14). Diode x2
(15). Push Button Switch x 2
(16). SG90 Sevo x4
(17). Keypad x1
(18). Yellow Ledx 2
(19). 40 pcs Male-Male Jumper wire x1
(20). Plastic Box x1
Note: Battery is NOT included in any of the components.