QT1 Xplained Pro Extension Kit

Description of product

QT1 Xplained Pro kit is an extension kit that enables evaluation of self- and mutual capacitance mode using the Peripheral Touch Controller(PTC). The kit shows how easy it is to design a capacitive touch board solution using the PTC without the need for any external components. The kit includes two boards, one using self-capacitance and one using mutual capacitance.

If you want to implement self capacitance sliders using the latest modular touch library, please use QT7 Xplained Pro instead.


  • Two Buttons
  • Two LEDs to indicate button status
  • One Wheel
  • One RGB LED to indicate wheel status
  • One Slider
  • 8 LEDs to indicate slider status
  • Auto-ID for board identification in Atmel Studio
  • Supported by Atmel Studio and QTouch Composer
Package Contents
  • QT1 Xplained Pro Mutual Cap PCB
  • QT1 Xplained Pro Self Cap PCB