PRATHAM 1.0 Arduino Nano Development Board
PRATHAM 1.0 Arduino Nano Development Board

Description of product


Pratham 1.0 is a development board for Arduino Nano design and developed by GreyRobotics. It would be the best development board for beginners to start coding and robotics as well as for experienced people to use in their project. Having an onboard Arduino Nano platform the board makes it easy to go for beginners to avoid using complex breadboard wirings for blinking your LED’s, beeping your buzzer, writing to your LCD, reading your sensors, running your motors or building your robots for Line Following or as an Obstacle avoider robot. Use PrathamV1.0 as your first ever board with onboard peripherals. Test your basic to advanced coding skills using this completely documented and user-friendly development board. Just plug-in, code and see it run!



  1. On-board DC jack and optional battery terminal for Input Power
  2. On-board ON/OFF switch and power LED
  3. Onboard Voltage Regulator for stable power supply
  4. Arduino Nano compatible (direct plug-in for Arduino Nano board)
  5. Two User Programmable LED’s
  6. Two User Programmable Switches
  7. On-board buzzer as Audio output
  8. On-board direct plug-in for 16X2 Liquid Crystal Display with contrast adjustment
  9. On-board L293D Motor Driver chipset
  10. Drive 2 Bi-directional DC motors
  11. Drive 2 Servo motors
  12. I2C communication pins available for IMU Sensor
  13. Pin header to connect Line Follower Sensor (up to an array of 6) with power pins
  14. Pin header to connect Obstacle sensor (SHARP) with power pins
  15. Complete breakout of Arduino Nano for other multiple uses
  16. On-board 5V and GND output pin to power up external modules
  17. Optional expansion of board using various shields