Power Management Specialised - PMIC 60V Dual Efuse for PA

Power Management Specialised - PMIC 60V Dual Efuse for PA

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MAX15162/MAX15162A Circuit-Breaker ICs

Maxim MAX15162/MAX15162A Circuit-Breaker ICs integrate a dual-channel controller with dual (140mΩ in WLP, 180mΩ in TQFN) power MOSFETs and electronic circuit-breaker protection in a single package. These devices feature constant power control during startup to keep the MOSFET operating under the Safe Operating Area (SOA). The devices provide robust over-current protection with programmable current-limit level and adjustable overcurrent shutdown delay for better immunity against system noise and load transient. The current monitoring pins provide a current sense accuracy of ±3% for each channel. When there is a short-circuit at the output, a fast current-limit comparator turns off MOSFETs within 200ns to isolate the load from the input. During a fault condition, the MAX15162A enters auto-retry mode, and the MAX15162 enters latch-off mode. For both devices, the ALRT pin asserts a fault indication. The MAX15162/MAX15162A can be configured as two independent channels or two parallel channels, for one common output.