Power Management Specialised - PMIC 6.0Vdd 3.5mA 30nF 30Vpp 520mW .05uA

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Description of product

NJW1280 Piezo-Sounder Drivers

NJR (New Japan Radio) NJW1280 Piezo-Sounder Drivers are high capacitance switching drivers with charge pumps. These drivers come with the ability to drive outputs up to 30VPP from a 5V supply. The NJW1280 drivers feature input signal detector, auto shutdown control, and Bi-CMOS technology. These drivers incorporate the shutdown function that is suitable for battery applications. The NJW1280 drivers are available in EQFN16-G2 and MSOP10 (TVSP10) packages. Typical applications include fire alarm, smoke detector, and security alarm.