Power Management IC Development Tools

Power Management IC Development Tools

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Infineon Technologies TLS205B0LDV Demo Board is designed to evaluate TLS205B0, a low noise, micropower, and low dropout voltage regulator. This device is capable of supplying an output current of 500mA with a low dropout voltage of 300mV. The low quiescent current of 30μA makes the device ideal for use in battery-powered systems. The TLS205B0LDV board features a wide input voltage range of 1.8V to 20V and an adjustable output voltage range of 1.22V to 12V. Typical applications include infotainment, alarm, body modules and gateways, automotive general ECUs, and 2-wheeler ECUs.


  • Low noise down to 24µV
  • Evaluates TLS205B0 voltage regulator
  • 1.8V to 20V wide input voltage range
  • 320mV low dropout voltage
  • 1.22V to 12V adjustable output voltage
  • 300mA current capability
  • 30μA low quiescent current
  • Very low shutdown current <1μA
  • Stable with ≥3.3μF output capacitor
  • PG-DSO-8 exposed pad and PG-TSON-10 exposed pad packages
  • AEC-Qualified
  • RoHS compliant - Green product


  • Automotive general ECUs
  • 2-Wheeler ECU’s
  • Body modules and gateway's
  • Infotainment, alarm, and dashboard