Portable SMPS Variable Wattage Micro Soldering Station (SMPS)
Portable SMPS Variable Wattage Micro Soldering Station (SMPS)

Description of product


Micro-sized soldering station, this unit is nothing short of a technological marvel as it provides the highest level of safety and manoeuvrability in a micro sized form factor.
The power supply uses cutting edge SMPS technology to provide the cleanest electrical output to the MCH micro-element than any product in the market.

The best mobile and SMD repairers use this unit.


Absolutely ESD safe and ideal for SMD/SMT work and rework
Micro MCH heater for long life
Easily replaceable as opposed to similar and cheaper products
Third pin for ground on mains plug for added safety
Premium grade long lasting needle bit included
Cutting Edge Design SMPS power supply
Heavy duty cast iron micro soldering stand with sponge
Light weight & highly portable
High Grade Plastic Body Station and Iron
Pre-Printed Set and Run Modes on station
LED Power Indicator
Easy Replaceable bits


Input Voltage range: 100V - 300V
Power to iron -  18V Max / 4W to 18W (Variable)
Temperature setting range: 250°C-450°C
Fuse - 1A Maximum