Pimoroni pHAT Stack - Fully Assembled Kit
Pimoroni pHAT Stack - Fully Assembled Kit

Description of product


A preposterous pile of peripherals on your Pi! The fully assembled pHAT Stack by Pimoroni is the ultimate way to add HATs, pHATs, wHATs, and everything in between to your Raspberry Pi. If you've been playing around with Raspberry Pi boards for any length of time the chances are you've collected a few HATs and/or pHATs along the way. The pHAT Stack has six sets of 2 x 20 pin headers, one for connecting to your Pi with the included ribbon cable and the other five for a mix of HATs and/or pHATs. Use pHAT Stack for specific setups and projects, or just as a handy way to use several HATs and/or pHATs at once.

Before you start to put together a setup, it's important to check that the boards that you're using are compatible with each other. Because there are a limited number of pins (40) on the Raspberry Pi, there's a chance that two or more boards that you're using will use the same pin. Many of our boards use I2C and, because I2C is a bus, you can use several boards that all use I2C with no ill effect, providing they all use different I2C addresses.

This fully assembled kit includes rubber feet to hold pHAT Stack steady (and prevent it from scratching your desk), and metal standoffs to mount your HATs and pHATs firmly in a more permanent fashion. A 40-way black GPIO ribbon cable is also included in this kit.


  • Five sets of 2x20 pin headers (plus one to connect to your Pi)
  • HAT and pHAT mounting holes (M2.5) and labels
  • Handy pinout, including BCM numbers and descriptive labels