Description of product


Monitor your world with Pimoroni's Enviro PHAT for Raspberry Pi! There are a whole bunch of fancy environmental sensors on these boards, and a gorgeous little full-color LCD to display your data. It's the perfect way to get started with citizen science and environmental monitoring - with a great UI and easy-to-use Python code

Enviro is designed for indoor monitoring, letting you measure temperature, pressure, humidity, light, and noise level. It's great for keeping tabs on what's going on in various rooms in your house, office, or elsewhere. Push the data to server, and you can view the data remotely from anywhere.


  • BME280 temperaturepressurehumidity sensor (datasheet)
  • LTR-559 light and proximity sensor (datasheet)
  • MEMS I2S digital microphone (datasheet)
  • 0.96" color LCD (160x80)
  • Pimoroni breakout-compatible pin header - 0.1" spacing so you can solder in any wires you like for external sensors
  • Fully-assembled pHAT-format board, same size and shape as a Pi Zero *65x30x8.5mm). Will fit and work just fine on any modern Pi with a 2x20 connector
  • Compatible with all 40-pin header Raspberry Pi models
  • Python library with tons of example scripts to read and graph data