Pagoda 2 Antenna 5.8GHz with cover
Pagoda 2 Antenna 5.8GHz with cover

Description of product


The Pagoda 2 Antenna is an Omni-directional circularly polarized 5.8GHz FPV antenna with great performance and small in size. The Pagoda 2 Antenna has an excellent omnidirectional radiation pattern along with a good axial ratio, giving you solid all-around coverage.  The Antenna has a  smoother radiation pattern and a significantly better axial ratio than most other antennas. This antenna’s simplified manufacturing process keeps costs low allowing for a great low price for an antenna with high performance. Silicon cases can be easily installed and removed and it is a lightweight protection antenna.


  1. Omnidirectional circularly polarized antenna
  2.  Lightweight, Small size
  3.  The new technology metal main rod, almost perfect axial ratio
  4.  Very low standing wave smooth omnidirectional radiation receiving mode
  5.  Silicon cases can be easily installed and removed, lightweight protection antenna.