Description of product

       LC OV5640 camera module, 500W pixels, support auto focus, resolution support 2592*1944, available in STM32F407, STM32F429, STM32F746, STM32F756, STM32F767 and other development boards.
Introduced the hardware and instructions
  • Using 1.4μm * 1.4μm pixel size, and use OmniBSI technology to achieve higher performance (high sensitivity, low crosstalk and low noise)
  • Automatic image control functions: automatic exposure (AEC), automatic white balance (AWB), automatic elimination of light stripes, automatic black level calibration (ABLC) and automatic bandpass filter (ABF) and so on.
  • Supports image quality control: color saturation adjustment, tone adjustment, gamma calibration, sharpness and lens calibration,etc.
  • Standard SCCB interface, compatible with IIC interface
  • Supports RawRGB, RGB (RGB565 / RGB555 / RGB444), CCIR656, YUV (422/420), YCbCr (422) and compressed image (JPEG) output formats
  • Support QSXGA (500W) image size output, and scale to any other size
  • Supports image scaling, pan and window settings
  • Support image compression, you can output JPEG image data
  • Supports digital video interface (DVP) and MIPI interfaces
  • Support auto focus
  • Comes with embedded microprocessors
  • Integrated active crystal, no external clock supply
  • Integrated 3.3V LDO
Introduced the hardware and instructions
  • Board size: 26.3*32.4mm
  • Functions of the board:
Interface description:
OV5640 camera module
 Pin NamePin Description
15VPower supply (3.3V-5V)
2D0Data 0
3PWDNPower-down mode enabled
4D1Data 1
6D2Data 2
7XCLKSystem clock
8D3Data 3
9PCLKPixel clock
10D4Data 4
11VSYNCField signal
12D5Data 5
13NCNo connection
14D6Data 6
15NCNo connection
16D7Data 7
17HREFLine signal
18SIO_CSCCB clock
20SIO_DSCCB data

Note: Providing STM32F407 and STM32F429 reference test code
OV5640 camera module 500W pixel auto focus OV5640 camera module 500W pixel auto focus OV5640 camera module 500W pixel auto focus OV5640 camera module 500W pixel auto focus