LM741 - General Purpose Op-Amp

Description of product

LM741 Operational Amplifier
General Description
The LM741 series are general purpose operational amplifiers which feature improved performance over industry standards like the LM709. They are direct, plug-in replacements for the 709C, LM201, MC1439 and 748 in most applications.
The amplifiers offer many features which make their application nearly foolproof: overload protection on the input and output, no latch-up when the common mode range is exceeded, as well as freedom from oscillations.
  • Two Independent, High-Gain, Frequency Compensated Op-Amps
  • Input Offset Voltage: 2 mV
  • Input Offset Current: 20 nA
  • Input Bias Current: 80 nA
  • Supply Current: 1.7 mA
  • Supply Voltage: ±5V to ±18V
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