JRC4560 / NJM4560 - Low Noise Audio Dual Operational Amplifier

Description of product

JRC 4560D Dual High Gain Operational Amplifiers
General Description
The JRC4560 integrated circuit is a high-gain, wide bandwidth, dual operational amplifier capable of driving 20V peak-to-peak into 400Ω loads. The high voltage gain (100 dB typ.), good input impedance (5 MΩ typ.) and versatile power supply (± 4 to 18 Volts) make it perfect to fit in pedal circuit designs.
  • Amplifier Case Style: DIP
  • Bandwidth: 1oMHz
  • No. of Amplifiers: 2
  • No. of Pins: 8
  • Operating Temperature Max: 70°C
  • Operating Temperature Min: 0°C
  • Slew Rate: 4V/µs
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