ATMLU106 - EEPROM, SERIAL [Original]

Description of product


General Description
The serial EEPROM is a low operating voltage 1K/2K/4K/8K/16K bit serial EEPROM. The internal organization is 128/256/512/1024/2048 bytes, 8 bits per byte. The chip is widely used in the industrial and commercial fields of low voltage and low power consumption
  • Operating voltage: 1.8V to 5.5V Input/output pin compatible with 5V
  • Application in internal structure: 128x8 (1K), 256x8 (2K), 512x8 (4K), 1024x8 (8K), 2048x8 (16K)
  • 2-wire serial interface/serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible support SPI mode
  • Input pin is filtered by Schmitt trigger to suppress noise
  • Two-way data transmission protocol
  • Compatible with 400KHz (1.8V, 2.5V, 2.7V, 3.6V)
  • Support hardware write protection, high reliability, unlimited reading
  • Operating temperature: -55 ° C / +125 ° C
  • Working temperature: -65 °C / +150 °C
  • Ground voltage of any pin: -1.0V/+7.0V
  • Maximum working voltage: 6.25V
  • Direct output current: 5.0mA
  • (three-wire) compatible serial EEPROM with flexible, user-selectable 8x or 16x memory organization and software write protection
  • To ensure the stability of the data. The device has an extremely high number of writes.
  • Each memory location allows for more than one million write cycles.
  • To meet the needs of today's high write applications
  • I2C compatible serial EEPROM with 2KB memory 
  • The device is an application specific product,
  • Includes IEEE-provided 48-bit or 64-bit preprogrammed MAC/EUI addresses that allow interconnected devices to connect to the Internet or a local network.
  • These devices also include a 128-bit read-only serial number and 2KB of user-accessible EEPROM non-volatile memory (NVM) components.

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