OpenMV MT9V034 Global shutter camera module

Description of product


The OpenMV MT9V034 Global shutter camera module allows your OpenMV Cam to capture high-quality grayscale images not affected by motion blur. The module features the MT9V034 Global Shutter Camera Module capable of tacking snapshot pictures on demand along with being able to run 80 FPS in QVGA mode, 200 FPS in QQVGA mode, and 400 FPS in QQQVGA mode.

The Global Shutter Camera Module is the ultimate sensor for machine vision enthusiasts who want to use their OpenMV Cam in professional products.


  1. DigitalClarity CMOS imaging technology
  2. Array format: Wide-VGA, active 752H x 480V (360,960 pixels)
  3. TrueSNAP global shutter photodiode pixels; simultaneous integration and readout
  4. Monochrome or color: NIR enhanced performance for use with non-visible NIR illumination
  5. Readout modes: progressive or interlaced
  6. Shutter efficiency: >99%