Omni Aluminium Wheel Roller Set (Bush Type) – 1Pcs

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Description of product


The Omni Aluminium Wheel Roller Set (Bush Type) is used in EasyMech‘s Aluminium Omni Wheels which are available at These are high-traction rubber rollers with high-quality. They can efficiently withstand the long run operations of Aluminium Omni Wheel.

The Rollers equips 2 bushes for flexibility while moving. It houses bushes in the boreholes at each side of the plane surface. The set contains a connecting pin which passes through the center of Bush followed by the rubber roller for connecting it to your Omni Wheel.

Omni Wheels are normal wheels which roll forward or backward until they possess such wheel Rollers which allows them to move in sideways with almost no friction i.e skidding. With this Roller Set, the Omni Wheel can either roll like a normal wheel or roll laterally using the rollers along its circumference.

These Rollers allows Robots to convert from a non-holonomic robot to a holonomic robot, by moving their Omni Wheels sideways or in the lateral direction. The robots can move in an arbitrary direction continuously without changing the direction of the Omni Wheels. It can move back and forth, sideways and rotates at the same position.

You won’t find such a great replacement anywhere!!!

Note: This Roller Set is compatible only with EasyMech‘s Aluminium Omni Wheels. 

Package Includes :

1 x Omni Aluminium Wheel Roller (Bush Type)
2 x Bush
1 x Pin