Description of product


The board comes soldered and ready-to-use! OLIMEXINO-85 is a very tiny - (32x20)mm - Arduino-inspired board. It is built around the well-known Little wire design. The same design is also used for the Digispark and Adafruit’s Trinket. The microcontroller comes preprogrammed with "Micronucleus" bootloater - suitable for use with the same Arduino distribution as Digispark.


  • ATtiny85-PU microcontroller with pre-loaded "Micronucleus" bootloader
  • Tested and working with properly configured Arduino IDE
  • Breadbord compatible via the header
  • Two LEDs - power and status
  • Reset button
  • All components already soldered (unlike the DIY version)
  • Easy-to-replace components in case of a fault
  • Open-hardware board, board schematics and layout available for Eagle
  • Open-software board, thanks to the Micronucleus project and the Digispark efforts
  • Dimensions - (1.275 x 0.800)'' ~ (32 x 20)mm